Cakes for birthday

Chennai as business center Chennai is one of the biggest metropolitan city of India. With its great geographical benefits it is the busiest economic zone, with all major import and export taking place through its port. It handles the intake from entire Southeast Asia and also west coast of th.. View More...
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Rs 4,119.00
Ex Tax: Rs 4,119.00
Chocolate Cake - 2Kg...
 hereby presents a special treat for the die-hard chocolate-lovers in the form of the yummie..
Rs 1,850.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,850.00
1 Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake...
1 kg chocolate truffle cake ..
Rs 1,070.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,070.00
8 Pcs Assorted Pastries...
8 Pcs Assorted Pastries from Taj / 5 star Bakery - This soft mouth melting assorted pastries made..
Rs 1,810.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,810.00
Half Kg Pineapple Cake...
half kg pineapple cake ..
Rs 619.00
Ex Tax: Rs 619.00
Eggless Heart shape Cake...
Surprise your loved one with this amazing 1kg heart shaped dark chocolate eggless cake. This yumm..
Rs 1,100.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,100.00
Tweety Pie Face...
tweety pie face ..
Rs 2,220.00
Ex Tax: Rs 2,220.00
Half Kg Butterscotch Cake...
No celebration is complete without cutting and relishing a delicious cake with your family and fr..
Rs 700.00
Ex Tax: Rs 700.00
1 Kg Fruit Cake...
1 kg fruit cake ..
Rs 1,220.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,220.00
 Mouth-watering Eggless Cake ...
Rs 1,070.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,070.00
Half Kg Strawberry Cake...
half kg strawberry cake ..
Rs 620.00
Ex Tax: Rs 620.00
Half Kg Mango Cake...
Celebrate the special moments of a your loved ones with this delicious Half Kg Mango Cake. ..
Rs 700.00
Ex Tax: Rs 700.00
1 Kg Black  Forest Cake Taj...
1 kg black  forest cake ..
Rs 2,020.00
Ex Tax: Rs 2,020.00
Fragrance N Flavor...
Bunch of 12 red carnations and 1/2kg blackforest cake ..
Rs 1,100.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,100.00
1 Kg Kiwi Cake...
1 kg kiwi cake ..
Rs 1,220.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,220.00