Assorted Color

Roses in Tray ...
Comes with a Specially Crafted Tray to hold these 15 Orange roses in best way. ..
Rs 1,085.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,085.00
Cuddley Choco Odyssey...
This combo consists of a bunch of 6 orchids, a 6 inch teddy and a half kg chocolate cake. Orchids..
Rs 1,419.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,419.00
Blooming Basket ...
A gorgeous handcrafted basket with a beautiful arrangement of Roses, Lilies and Carnations. ..
Rs 1,440.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,440.00
Rainbow Of Roses ...
Filled with joy, happiness and smile this Rainbow of Roses, made with Garden Fresh Hand Picked 24..
Rs 940.00
Ex Tax: Rs 940.00
Birthday Party ...
Our Hot New Arrival this Season. Ingredients are 3 Yellow Asiatic Lilies, 5 Pink Gerberas and 3 O..
Rs 1,000.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,000.00
Bird of Paradise ...
Send this exotic table top arrangement made with 2 handpicked Bird of Paradise, 3 Red G..
Rs 980.00
Ex Tax: Rs 980.00
Blossoms by MFT...
A designer bouquet of 14 Freshly Cut Red Roses and 6 Orange Carnations this comes fresh to send s..
Rs 1,080.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,080.00
Spectacular Smiles ...
Send this adorably elegant bouquet of 15 splendid Red Roses contrasted with 4 beautiful Yellow Li..
Rs 1,250.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,250.00
Orange Happy Gerberas...
Send this radiant bouquet of 10 Orange Gerberas. ..
Rs 665.00
Ex Tax: Rs 665.00
Touch of Love ...
Another exotic bunch for spreading a delightful smile. This ‘Love of Touch’ bouquets is our b..
Rs 850.00
Ex Tax: Rs 850.00
Orchid Breeze ...
A beautiful bouquet of 6 handpicked Purple Orchid Stems, for a beauty as delicate as that. A perf..
Rs 680.00
Ex Tax: Rs 680.00
15 Mix Carnations Bunch...
Bunch of assorted 15 pcs of carnations. ..
Rs 670.00
Ex Tax: Rs 670.00
Love of Orchids...
This exquisite bunch of beautiful and exotic 7 Orchids, is a go for all occasions, especially to ..
Rs 880.00
Ex Tax: Rs 880.00
Birthday Party ...
Here is our ‘Hot New Arrival’ this Season, a vibrant bouquet of 3 Yellow Asiatic Lilies, 5 Pi..
Rs 1,080.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,080.00
12 Assorted Gerberas Bunch...
12 Assorted Gerberas bunch ..
Rs 570.00
Ex Tax: Rs 570.00