Send Sweets and Gifts to Your Loved Ones From Anywhere In The World Sweets are so powerful that they can tell all about what you feel. Everyone loves receiving sweets because it tells them about the feelings of the sender. No matter it is a Diwali, holi or any other occasion sweets are always.. View More...
Desi Ghee Laddoo...
desi ghee laddoo ..
Rs 435.00
Ex Tax: Rs 435.00
1 Kg Haldiram Gulab Jamun Tin...
1 kg haldiram gulab Jamun tin ..
Rs 670.00
Ex Tax: Rs 670.00
Half K Kaju Katli With Half Kg...
half k kaju katli with half kg masala cashews ..
Rs 1,379.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,379.00
1 Kg Haldiram Rasgulla...
1 kg haldiram rasgulla ..
Rs 619.00
Ex Tax: Rs 619.00
Half Kg Assorted Sweets...
half kg assorted sweets ..
Rs 870.00
Ex Tax: Rs 870.00
1 kg haldiram's raj bhog ..
Rs 779.00
Ex Tax: Rs 779.00
Half Kg Each Of Assorted Dry F...
half kg each of assorted dry fruits and sweets ..
Rs 1,119.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,119.00
1 Kg Kesariya Peda...
1 kg kesariya peda ..
Rs 919.00
Ex Tax: Rs 919.00
Half Kg Kaju Barfi...
half kg kaju barfi ..
Rs 770.00
Ex Tax: Rs 770.00
10 Red Roses Bunch With 250 Gm...
10 red roses bunch with 250 gms of kaju katli sweets ..
Rs 619.00
Ex Tax: Rs 619.00
Half Kg Kaju Katli Sweets With...
half kg kaju katli sweets with seasonal flowers bouquet ..
Rs 970.00
Ex Tax: Rs 970.00
12 Red Roses Bunch With Mouth ...
12 red roses bunch with mouth watering haldiram rasgulla ..
Rs 819.00
Ex Tax: Rs 819.00
Half Kg Kaju Roll...
half kg kaju roll ..
Rs 830.00
Ex Tax: Rs 830.00
12 Red Roses With 1 Kg Assorte...
12 red roses with 1 kg assorted sweets and assorted dry fruits ..
Rs 1,719.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,719.00
Half Kg Milk Cake...
half kg milk cake ..
Rs 760.00
Ex Tax: Rs 760.00