Having siblings is the best thing that one can hope for. They make your world so much more fascinating and interesting. But this can’t be the case for everyone. There are some benefits also for not having a brother or sister like you get to enjoy a PlayStation all by yourself, you don’t have to share anything and the best thing, the TV remote is all yours. Amongst all of these perks of being a single child, being alone on the eve of Raksha Bandhan can make you feel depressed also. However, how you handle this is entirely up to you, you can either be sad all day, or you can groove to the beats of Raksha Bandhan in your own way. Here are some fun things you can do to shake things up and celebrate Raksha Bandhan in its true vigour.

A day out with your brother from another mother

Friends are the people that we choose to be with. You might not share the same DNA but calling your best friend over is the best thing you can do. A celebration with your best friend can be an excellent way to spend Raksha Bandhan, go out to someplace good or to a party and enjoy yourself. You can even decide to stay at home and play some games or watch a movie or two.

Do something you really enjoy

You have got the whole day to yourself, so why not do something that you thoroughly enjoy doing like some hobby of yours. This national holiday why not dust off some of those old instruments and have a blast, or read a favourite book of yours. Anything you wish to do, you can do and celebrate Raksha Bandhan in your own way.

Call your date over

You are a single child doesn't mean that you have to stay alone on the day of Raksha Bandhan. You can call your date to your place to have some good time, bake some cookies, prepare some great food and a bottle of wine with some candles, you are all set to have an excellent Raksha Bandhan.

Perfect day to binge watch

The phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ is so true, but you need a lot of free time to binge watch anything of your favourite series or one that you have been waiting a long time to watch. Well, Raksha Bandhan is the best day for this, you have the full day to yourself and don't forget the night too. So, put some popcorn in the oven, get in your comfy blanket and put on Netflix.

Plan a spontaneous solo trip

Plan a solo trip either within your city or to nearby places outside your city and leave these silly things called reasons behind. Being spontaneous is something that you never regret and most of the crazy memorable things happen to you when you are spontaneous. So this Raksha Bandhan plans a spontaneous solo trip and make some memories that last your lifetime.

So, these were some great ideas for you to do this Raksha Bandhan. If you are the single child, then be sure to follow these, and if you know someone who is an only child then forward them this link with a beautiful bouquet of flowers

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