Sunflower is one of the most popular summer flowers and is the most versatile plant of the world. Gardeners love this bright and cheerful flower because it is easy to grow, needs minimum maintenance and on top of all it grows quickly. There are many different types to choose from, ranging in size, forms and colours. Aside from adding beauty and brightening up someone's day, sunflowers have a variety of other uses that most people don't know about. Here is a list of some things where sunflowers are used other than an ornamental flower.

Sunflower seed coffee:

Yes, sunflower seed hulls can be used as a coffee substitute. You need to roast the seed hulls till they are brown then grind them into a fine powder. Then it's just like the normal coffee, use one tablespoon of hulls with 1 cup of water and steep for around 3 minutes. Sunflower seed coffee is best enjoyed with honey as a sweetener.

Sunflower seed flour:

Raw sunflower seeds are used to make high protein sunflower seed flour that can easily be used in the daily recipes like bread,cakes etc. this flour is far superior to the wheat as it has a higher amount of protein content. The seeds are also used by many to make sunflower seed meal, paste or even milk for daily consumption.

They attract butterflies and birds:

The birds and butterflies also love the beautiful sunflower for its sweet nectar and the seeds that act as a food source. This can benefit those who want to plant some in their backyard garden, as the birds and butterflies will make their garden look even more beautiful and impressive. For the people who are farming the plant need to be cautious, as soon as you harvest the birds will flock to eat them. 

Sunflower oil:

There are many uses for sunflower oil, as we all know that it is used in the kitchen due to its light colour, mild taste and a low amount of saturated fats. It is also used to relieve skin conditions, haemorrhoids and skin ulcers.

Anti-Radiation properties:

Sunflower roots have a unique property that enables them to remove radiation from soil and water. They were used to clean up the fallout after the Chernobyl disaster.

And the list goes on, there are hundreds or more things sunflowers plant is used for. These are some of the most notable ones, reading this we are sure you would want to send a beautiful sunflower bloom to a loved one and share with them all the benefits and uses of sunflower. Why not give them a surprise with flower delivery in Chennai.

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