India has more than enough festivals to celebrate. Every festival has its own reason and a different manner of celebration. But, one thing that remains constant through all these festivals is that we celebrate them with our dear friends. The moments that are spent with friends are cherished for a lifetime, so why not do something special for your best friends this friendship day. 

Friendship day history:

The tradition of celebrating friendship started during the 1930’s when the US Congress decided to dedicate a day to friends. The exact reasons behind the making of this decision are not known, but if you look back at that time and the world scenario of those times, you will come to an understanding. Since then, the celebration of friendship day has become an annual event that is now followed all over the world.

The most famous thing associated with this day is the friendship band, a modern-day token of friendship that friends all over the world gift to one another. But there are a lot more items and gifts that are given on this special day, so if you're looking for some ideas on what to gift to your best friend this friendship day then here are some. 


Flowers are always a great option for gifting on any occasion, for friendship day also they are an excellent choice. The only thing that you need to be careful about is the colour, as the colour of a flower can convey different meanings to the receiver. A beautiful bouquet of yellow or pink flowers like roses, lilies or orchids is perfect for this job. Just like flowers make a garden lively, friends make our lives more colourful and vibrant.


Chocolates work for everyone. Chocolates can be enjoyed on any occasion and are loved by everyone, so why not present your best friend with a box of his/her favourite chocolates to show them your appreciation and love. You can also make this give a bit more special by merely applying a little creativity to the packaging.

Personalised accessories:

These are a great option as they are uniquely chosen or made just for the receiver. Presenting your friend with a personalised mug or photo frame are great gifting options. You can even go with some trinkets or soft toys as a gifting option, for all your girlfriends.

So these are some of the gifting ideas that you can use for this friendship day to make your best friend feel special and loved. If you or your friend are not in the city, then you can also have the gifts or flowers delivered to their doorsteps with flower delivery in Chennai.

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