All countries have different traditions & cultures. No matter where we reside, how we sustain life, the one thing which all of us celebrate together is the New Year. New Year somewhere is referred to as physical rebirth, or it believes that on this day God visits every home. In the article, Chennai Online Florist explains the different types of new year celebrations around the world. 

1. In India, people wear coloured clothes and decorate their home and workspace with flowers and lit candles. 

2. In Russia, children visit the Kremlin Palace of Congress to see the enormous fir tree shimmers lighted with untold numbers of lights. They also watch fairy tale play and distribute sweets and gifts

3. In Vietnam, New Year is known as Tet Nguyen or merely Test, and it lasts from 21st Feb to 19th. The Vietnamese believe that a god is residing in each home and on New Year, the god travels to heaven. It was also believed that the god rode to heaven on the back of a carp and now a live carp is bought and then let go in river or pond. Whosoever is the first person to ride on this carp brings fortune household, whether they are good or bad. 

4. In the United States, people celebrate New year with watching television with food and drinks. It was believed that the New Year is not complete without turning the television on for the world-famous Tournament of annual Rose Bowl football game.

5. In Scotland, the New Year is celebrated with Hogmanay. The villagers practise the tradition of setting the barrels of tar on fire and rolling them through the streets. This is symbolically tradition there the old year is burned to welcome the New Year. 

6. Japanese, hang a rope of straw in front of their houses, this rope is meant to bring good luck and prosperity. 

7. In China, the married couples give an envelope called Hong Bao or Red Pocket to children or unmarried adults to ensure a happy life. 

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