July marks the beginning of monsoon and the end to the summer heat. This is a fresh and calm month that deserves a flower of the month conveying the same, and Water Lily is one such flower that carries the real emotions of July. Flowers are a great way to remind someone that you are thinking of them and giving them the flower of the month can have a much more significant impact. So this July gift your loved ones and friends with a beautiful bouquet of water lilies to remind them just how much you miss them and love them. Here are some of the facts about this month's flower that you might not know about.

Botanical background: Water Lily

The botanical name of the family that the water lily belongs to is called Nymphaeaceae. The starting of the word is ‘nymph’ which genuinely captures the enchanting image of a fairy-like creature, which is there for one second and gone the next. This is just like the water lily flower which opens and closes with the sun. For the water lily to bloom it needs at least 6 hours of sun each day, they thrive in gardens that have very little shade to cover the sun. 

These plants flourish in areas with a lot of water, as they need to be submerged under the water so their leaves can reach the surface on floating stems. It is entirely possible to grow well-flourished water lilies in relatively small containers, and you don't necessarily need a pond for this as long as the container is deep enough.

Water lily being amongst one of the oldest flowering plants have become quite a popular flower with the human society and culture. They were often featured in the artworks and impressionists during the 1800’s. Today as well they are very popular and are widely given as a gift to loved ones and friends on special occasions.

Gifting ideas 

If you know anyone who was born in the month of July and are looking for a unique gift for them, then why not consider presenting them with a beautiful bouquet of water lilies. You can also go for a suitable earthenware bowl and a plant of water lilies that they can grow themselves. Just make sure that the pot is deep enough to grow the plant properly. Now all you need to do is place the container in a sunny spot so that it can grow and flourish.

You can also make the bouquets into gift baskets, by merely adding a few little trinkets or a couple of chocolates. Presenting a gift basket can increase the impact that the gift has on the receiver. Choose wisely and keeping the feelings and wishes of the receiver in mind.

So, these are the few things that you might not be knowing about the water lily. If you are looking for some other flowers to gift to your loved ones or friends, then you can have a look at the waste collection that we offer and also have them delivered to there door steps with Chennai Online Florist

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