September is the month that comes just after the end of summer, and it is the month when we recollect our experiences from the summer and cherish all those moments that you spent in the warm weather. September is the month of preparation for the coming winter and colder days. This is the exact time when mornings glorify and aster flowers stand out beautifully on the orange fields of dried down grass.

The beautiful pop of colours that these flowers bring makes the fall extremely beautiful, and this is the reason they are the flowers for the month of September. They are the symbols of love and make the transition between summer and fall far easier and joyful. Here are a few things that you might find interesting about these two flowers. 

The Morning Glory:

This is one of the two September month flowers. The morning glory also known as the blue dawn flowers and are seen as the symbols of affection. Just as the name suggests the flowers of this plant bloom early in the day, they open their beautiful petals just as the sun comes up and curl closed during the day. They are mainly native to tropical America but can also be found in Asia and usually grow in temperature and subtropical regions.

The flowers have funnel-shaped blooms that are in red, purple and yellow colours. They prefer ample sunlight and are at their best when the sun is bright. The bright colours and the beautiful shape make morning glories the perfect flower for the month of September.

The aster flowers:

The aster flower has over the year gathered quite a few different meanings according to the presentation. Some of the most common meanings are elegant, love of variety, patience, afterthought and daintiness. The word aster is derived from the Greek word for star, due to the shape of the blooms that look like stars. These flowers can easily be found in the wild, usually having purple and blue colours but the cultivated varieties of this blooms can be found in white, purple, lavender, pink and blue also. These flowers are also great for gifting as they have an excellent vase life of about two weeks.

The aster flower has been a popular choice since the old days due to their beauty and also due to the healing properties that they possess. The Chinese have been using them as a herbal medicine while the Greeks used an ointment made from the flowers yo heal the effects of a dog bite. These stories also include a lot of superstitions, but the medicinal properties of the aster flower are an undeniable fact.

The fact that these flowers are beautiful is undisputed, and they are the perfect choice for the month of September. These flowers are also great for gifting and can be given to anybody you like or is dear to you. You can have them delivered to their houses with send flowers to Chennai.

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