Everyone at some point in their lives would have experienced the joy of appreciating the beauty of flowers, the happiness of giving someone flowers and the excitement of receiving them. Any flower in itself does not have any meaning, and it's just like any other like a cat or a fish. It's the human emotions that give the flowers a specific value and our interpretation has been giving flowers a constant meaning over time.

It is the same with tattoos. Every tattoo has a specific emotion behind it and therefore a different meaning to the beholder. Today not only the women but also the men like to get flower tattoos. Most of the flowers have a precise meaning which they have acquired over time, but combining them with a different object in a tattoo alters the meaning altogether. So it is better to prevent any kind of accidental tattooing of the wrong flower on your body, we have a list of common flower tattoos and what they mean.

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos look simply stunning when done tastefully on a women. By far it is the most popular tattoo amongst women though some men also go for the rose tattoo. Men usually don't opt to ink just the rose flower as it might make them seem gentle and feminine, but if you combine the rose with a skull, then it would mean guts, courage and fearlessness.

Lily Tattoo:

Lily's are considered an important flower since the biblical times, and are cherished for their fresh and calming colours. They can be used for any occasions from wedding decorations to funeral processions. For Christian, the lily signifies virginity and purity. In many other countries, it signifies purity and abundance. So inking the lily tattoo would mean purity and symbolise peace and harmony.

Lotus Tattoo

Lotus is a symbol of enlightenment. For the Buddhists, the lotus is the most exalted state of a person.you can find a lotus carving in nearly every platform supporting a statue of Buddha. It is a very powerful symbol and meaning in the religion.

These were a few of the flowers and their meanings as tattoos, if you decide to get one of these be sure to know what that means. Also, you can gift your loved ones with a bunch of flowers, straight to their doorsteps with Chennai Online Florist.

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