It is the little things that matter the most in any relationship. You don’t get to hear this more often. Instead people talk about grand gestures when it comes to love. And when the biggest day for the celebrating your love comes up, well go big or go home is advertised everywhere. While this could hold true for many, it isn’t necessary. You just have to be creative. Don’t gouge the internet for ideas or gifts to make your partner go weak in the knees (that can be done without any gifts too! Just a thought!). Just think what your better half likes the most and plan your Valentine’s Day gift accordingly.

Here are 5 fun things that you can do with your partner on Valentine’s Day and incorporate their favourite things in them too-

Recreate your first date- This is by far the best thing you can do for your beloved. If you have a good memory, then you can ace this. Just take a walk down the memory lane. Go the place you first met, eat the same meal and try to strike up the same conversation. It’s amazingly romantic and shows how much you cherish those first moments.

Have a movie marathon- Movies transcend you into another world and you must have a few favourites with your significant other. Plan a movie day at home. But go the extra mile by ordering their favourite food, decorating the house with roses and candles and don’t forget to dim the lights for the whole day. Oh and don’t forget the Valentine special chocolates.

Cook their favourite meal- The way to someone’s heart is surprisingly through their stomach. So, cook for your darling on Valentine’s Day. Take a cooking class before if you have to but cook. Have a few courses meal if you can. Don’t forget the dessert. Ever.

Go on a road trip- If you and your beloved both love staying on the road, then take a road trip. Decide a trip to an entertainment park if you like and drive there or go on a picnic to the mountain side or simply drive. Keep roses, gifts and chocolates at the back for sure.

Dress up. Do a ramp walk and dance the night away- Go shop or pick out your best clothes and your beloved’s. Dim those lights and decorate the house. Both of you then dress up and walk the ramp for each other while drinking and dancing. It is going to be memorable.

These are just few fun and mostly stay at home ideas to make your Valentine’s Day fuzzier. Be amazing folks! Be the lover they want you to be!! Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day from Chennai online Florist.

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