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  • Plant Name- Ficus Ginseng Plant
  • Plant Type- Bonsai
  • Plant Placement- Outdoors
  • Plant Height- Upto 10 inches
  • Green Fiber Pot- 4.5 inches
  • Every bonsai has a unique shape and design. We will try to deliver you as close as possible to the one shown here. However, there could be some difference in the size and shape of the bonsai delivered to you. We assure you it will be of the same species i.e. Ficus.

Ficus Ginseng Plant Trivia:

  • Ficus Ginseng is a species of evergreen woody plant in the fig genus, native to the Malay Archipelago and Malesia floristic region.
  • The word “ginseng” means root in Chinese, and is attributed because of the magnificent aerial root, but its very shiny dark green leaves are equally appealing.

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