Life is fun as it comes with a bundle of joys. Joys that our families and friends bring to us. Joys that we celebrate in our festivals. Joys that small occasions bring along. And no occasion or festival is complete without gifts. You can definitely stand strong if the gift chosen by you is useful and unique. But sometimes it’s really difficult to choose what to gift. In today’s world of online shopping and discount sales, everyone has almost everything. You think of jewellery but it might be just too personal to gift and could be expensive affair too. Gifting clothes is difficult as fashion changes almost every minute and then getting perfect fitting is also a fight. Gifting perishable food is very short lived.

Ever thought of gifting a potted plant? It might not sound an obvious gift but gifting plants is a new trend. It shows your thought and attention. It is something that the recipient would not think of discarding or a load to reserve. It also enhances living space and is perfect remembrance when you are not around. It’s a gift that literally keeps on giving to the recipient in the long run. So when you are gifting somebody a plant you are actually gifting good health to the recipient as they will now breathe fresher air because of your gift.

Chennai online florist brings to you a lot of varieties of plants to be gifted in different and fancy packaging. Plants can be potted, or in a ceramic vase, or in the form of a terrarium in a glass or fish bowl. Each plant picked up for gifting is unique, healthy and will fetch a long life if taken proper care.  Plants can ideally be gifted to anybody, any age, any gender, and any profession. That’s the beauty of girting eco-friendly plants.

There are lot of indoor plants that can be gifted for any occasion. We have a list of 5 such plants which are easy to maintain.

1.       Sansevieria – it’s commonly known as snake plant. If you are gifting to someone who has no or very less plant experience also, then this is a good choice. The best thing about this plant is that it releases oxygen all the times and not just during photosynthesis. So they are actually enhancing the air of the recipient’s home all the times. They are easy to maintain so the recipient is not burdened with something they have to constantly monitor.

2.       Pothos – pothos is actually easy to care and a good introduction to learn the language of plants. The leaves of pothos start wilting when they are thirsty and you can easily know when to water them and they are all ready to grow again.

3.       Money plant – a very common name in Indian gardening. You will find this plant almost in every household and people never mind adding one more to their garden. Ideally they should be grown indoors so it’s like easy to maintain as you can actually keep them anywhere, on a duct, in a window, on a side corner table, in TV unit or just anywhere. They have a Vastu element also to them according to which they should be kept indoors in a south west direction of a living room or hall. The money plant is gifted as a token to invite good luck and fortune. It’s said it brings prosperity to your surroundings.

4.       Jade plant – jade plant is popular good luck charm plant in Asia, it has small vibrant green leaves which closely resembles jade coins, and are symbolic to wealth and prosperity. An ideal plant to gift someone.

5.       Lucky Bamboo shoots – it’s an indoor plant which grown in indirect sunlight. It’s very easy to care for. It is very popular feng shui plant which is gifted to bring good luck and prosperity. It is made up of different combinations of bamboo stalks. 3 stalks denote happiness wealth and long life. 5 stalks means areas of life that impact wealth. 6 stalks represent good luck and 7 stalks means good health. The bamboo plant does not need lots of water. It’s easy to take its care. Just arrange the stalks properly, keep it out o direct sunlight, keep removing dead leaves, and tie the stalks together with a ribbon. The plant grows healthy in a positive environment.

Contact Chennai online florist today to join this new age of gifting, gifting plants and celebrate all your occasions with a difference. 

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  • Aug 26, 2019
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