This time of year is the most colourful due to the large variety of flowers that it comes with. Summers are widely considered as the best season for flowers as many of the breathtaking flowers bloom during this season. Summer brings a burst of bright colours and fragrant air. many flowers lovers plant a variety of beautiful flowers in their gardens to enjoy the view during summers. Not all of us have that option, and flower delivery Chennai has made a list of places that you can visit to see some of the most amazing blooms from around the world.

Antelope Valley, California

The usually dry landscape of California busts with colour every summer as the state flower, the poppy, blooms alongside of the highways. The antelope valley California poppy reserve, located in northern Los Angeles County, has an area of more than 1740 acre of land covered with bright orange poppies during this season. These beautiful flowers are up from the month of March through to the month of may, and people come from near and far to have a look at this breathtaking view.

Namaqualand, South Africa

Planning to travel this summer? You are in luck, the indigenous plants along the wildflower route in South Africa start blooming in early August and dot the whole landscape with a beautiful array of colours straight through to the end of September. This is the time when the spring flowers begin to die back, another round of beautiful flowers of the late summer starts to sprout in this region of southern Africa.

Kawachi Fujian, Japan

Wisteria plant is amongst the most beautiful blooms, and they can be seen at their best at Kawachi Fujien gardens two wisteria tunnels. These tunnels are 260 feet and 720 feet long and have the most amazing in the world. May is the best time to see these flowering plants, as they are in full radiant bloom as they cascade down the sides of the tunnels.

Provence, France

Every August, Lavender day is celebrated in the village of sault, a festival that truly celebrates the official flower of Provence. This is the best time to visit France as the fields filled with the most beautiful lavenders gives the air a pleasant aroma. The festivities begin with a harvest competition, and later the lavender growers market is organised where people present their beautiful flowers for sale.  

Valley of roses, Bulgaria

This valley happens to be the largest producers and exporters of rose oil in the world. The flower buds start to bloom in mid march and remain in full effect throughout the summer months, this is all mainly thanks to the heavy rainfalls in the region that help prolong the flowering period. Many tourists come to this valley from all over the world to witness the roses in their full bloom.

These were some of the most beautiful and mesmerising places from around the world that you should visit at least once if you are a flower lover. The views are just fantastic, and it will be a lifetime memory.

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