If it is about sending gifts to your special ones, then the only option that comes to our minds is- Online gift delivery. Online gift delivery sounds perfect but ensuring that your loved ones have received the right gift in the best quality is really hard. 

We Chennai Online Florist have drafted a guide dealing with some do’s and don’ts of online gift delivery that helps in ensuring that the gift has reached the right location in excellent quality.


When it comes to online gift delivery, the first to ensure is to package the gift well and write the address clearly on it.

  • To avoid additional charges and delays, it is important to measure and weights the gift correctly when booking; also do not forget to choose the right courier services.
  • You may be surprised to know that there are many items that you cannot post. So before making a booking make sure that you check the catalogue of all the prohibited items.
  • Being safe is a healthy deal than being sorry, so do not forget to add a return address on the gift.
  • If you are sending gift then make sure your gift is properly covered. An additional protection to your gift will ensure that your gift is safe and secure.
  • If you sending your gifts internationally, your gift package will be going through a lot custom processes and in order to avoid the delays in the process do not forget to add information such as the value of the contents, what is inside the package, nature of the gift, etc.  


In order to avoid problems in you delivery, do not leave it for the last minute and try to give your gifts as much time as possible.

  • As your gifts will be handled by many pairs of hands, do not wrap it using a wrapping paper or ribbons. You must keep your packaging durable.
  • Do not forget about the duties and taxes if you are sending gifts outside your home country. 

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