Valentine's day is right around the corner. it’s a day for showing your loved ones the care and affection you have towards them. And it's not only the couples who celebrate it, but families also do it. It's the celebration of love, in the honour of two early saints both named Valentine. As it is celebrated so widely among most all the religions especially in urban areas, there are a lot of sales opportunities during this time, but to grab these opportunities one has to be unique and have an edge over others. So here are some sales boosting ideas for valentine's day-

Couple Vouchers and movie tickets-

These are the offers that attract people the most. No, you don't need to give it to everyone. These should be offered on or after a specific amount of sales, this will raise the interest of the customers in your products.

Personalized Gift Boxes-

Gift boxes are the most trending and handsome looking things for gifting in today’s time. There are pictures and videos of beauty and fashion bloggers flooding all over the social media flaunting about the products they received as gifts. For valentine's day gifts, these boxes can be personalized according to the wants of the customer and be gift wrapped with maybe some complimentary flower bouquets. 

V-Day Special Coupons- 

Special one-day coupons can be offered to the customers, for instance, we can give flowers or chocolates free with the purchase of a respective amount, or give a discount after a purchase of a certain amount.

V-Day merchandise-

Distributing merchandise to random customers attracts a hell lot of youngsters. Giving away some theme based Tees, hoodies, coffee mugs, pens or whatsoever will actually attract a lot of potential customers. The main focus here is to attract potential customers to the premises and allowing them access to the variety of products you offer.

Couple games and Contests-

There are many fun games made for the couples which can be conducted, and for the winners, you can give free gifts. This would attract many potential customers. The customers would be interested in fun activities and will prefer buying something rather than leaving underhandedly. 

Hoardings and pamphlets would do great to get all of these into notice. The main focus should be on attracting the customers and entertaining them. This way the place will get known to many people and the sales will increase eventually.

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