Buying flowers for your loved ones, partner or friends? Chances are you might head over to the first online florist you find on google, look for the cheapest flowers they have and get them delivered to the address you want. This is a common gifting mistake that a lot of people make. Sending flowers to your loved ones should be a special thing and not just confined by the cheapest ones. Flowers convey a feeling to the receiver and picking flowers based on price means you are gifting them just as a formality. This can end up expressing the wrong feelings.

Instead, try to look for the best deal available in the market for the nicest flowers. This will help you save quite a bit on your billing amount and you don’t have make any compromises on the quality. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while buying flowers from an online florist.

Weekday delivery is far superior than weekend delivery:


Weekdays are the perfect time to get flowers delivered when you want to save some money. As weekends are popular for gifting flowers and the delivery charges are usually higher. The freshest deliveries are the ones that are made between Tuesday and Friday as on the weekends the markets are mostly closed, and you get flowers that were cut a couple of days earlier.

If there is a special occasion, place your order early:

Online florists have the habit of hiking the prices of the products near any special occasions like mother’s day or valentines day. You must have noticed how expensive roses get during the valentines week. But, if you place your order in advance, a week or so before such celebratory moments arrive, you would have saved on the cost and delivery charges. And there always is the possibility of getting a good deal or off.

Try to buy seasonal flowers:

The first thing you should do with an online florists website is to open the seasonal flowers tab. These flowers are always the best choice to gift, and there are three main reasons:

  • During the season there is an abundance of these flowers, and you can be sure to get flowers even on very short notice.
  • They have a longer shelf life, as flowers are stronger when they are in season.
  • With the abundance of these flowers, most florists are eager to sell them quick before their stock gets stale. So you can easily get really good deals on them.

So, the next time you want to buy flowers for a loved one or friends remember these tips. There are many other options you have to send as gifts, like add small trinkets or chocolates to make a more significant impact and send these bouquet combos to your loved one's doorstep with Chennai Online Florist.

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