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Celebrate the Festival of Love with Chennai Online Florist

The Valentine week allows you to express your feelings of love, affection and friendship in fun ways. While the history of 14th of February speak off sacrifice, courage and love it is celebrated around the world as the day and as the symbol of sharing your emotions with your loved ones and making them feel special. One of the ideal ways to shower love upon someone is with a bouquet of fresh flowers or better yet, their favourite chocolates and custom gifts, Chennai online florist can help you arrange for the perfect surprise and more for your partner.

Celebrate Valentine Week (7-14th Feb) –

The Valentine’s day is celebrated for seven days and every day has its own meaning and significance.

Rose Day (7th Feb)
Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine Week. Lovers celebrate this day by offering beautiful bunches of roses to their partners.
Propose Day (8th Feb)
The second day of Valentine week is Propose Day. It is the day of the procession in which lovers propose to their partners in the most romantic way.
Chocolate Day (9th Feb)
Third Day of Valentine Week is Chocolate Day, where partners surprise their lovers with tempting chocolate boxes and also wish to fill up their relation like the sweetness of chocolates.
Teddy Day (10th Feb)
The fourth day of Valentine Week is Teddy day. Apparently, girls are fond of sweet teddy bears, so surprise them with cuddly soft cute “Valentine soft toy”.
Promise Day (11th Feb)
The fifth day of Valentine Week is Promise Day, in which lovers promise to love and trust each other faithfully.
Hug Day (12th Feb)
The Sixth Day is hug day, in which lovers embrace each other and show their affection, feelings by hugging each other passionately.
Kiss Day (13the Feb)
The Seventh Day is kiss day, the purest representation of love and kindness.
Valentine’s Day (14the Feb)
Finally, on fourteenth February lovers celebrate Valentine Day, exchange Valentine gifts and flowers. Also, promise to help and support each other in every aspect of life.

Get your love conveyed with Valentine gift delivery in Chennai

Here’s how you can celebrate the week of love –
Surprise your partner in the most romantic ways throughout the week to make them feel like they are your ‘Valentine’ always and forever. Relationships are a mix of sweet and savoury and with Valentine’s week there are so many opportunities for you to put your partner on a pedestal in the sweetest ways. Services from Chennai online florist range from cake delivery online to fresh flower delivery online in India.

• Propose with a Rose – Kick off the week with two splendid days, Rose Day (7th February) and Propose Day (8th February). Proposals almost always have flowers involved and the mesmerising Rose is a symbol of love across the Globe. At Chennai online florist you can find convenient, cost-effective and a lot of variations in Bouquet of fresh flowers online that you can get delivered to your special someone at their workplace or home as a gesture of affection. This year Propose with a rose or better yet a bunch of them, select from our bestsellers like the Breathtaking Exuberance (a beautiful heart-shaped flower arrangement of 35 red roses along with a scrumptious heart-shaped chocolate cake).

• Sweet and cute, just like her - Not ready to pop the question yet? no problem, you can still make her day with the promise to love her forever, a cute teddy to cuddle when you’re not around and chocolates to tell her how sweet she is. Indulge her/him by celebrating chocolate day (9th February), Teddy day (10th February) and Promise day (11th February) and find all the right gifts and surprises at Chennai Online Florist, we’re not only one of the leading services in Chennai but also house 1000’s of variations in Flower arrangements, promise presents, adorable teddy bears and more.

• Because they’re close to your heart – The Valentine’s week is a gift that keeps giving, an exciting couple of days in, you can still show your girl or guy how passionate you are about them before the big V-Day comes around, to celebrate Hug Day (12th February) and Kiss Day (13th February), shower affection on them with midnight cake delivery in Chennai especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Same day flower delivery on hug day will perk up their entire day and make them feel close to you and a box of delicious chocolates is sure to earn you some kisses later on.

Surprise her with something you’ve never done before
How many times have you been accused of being un-romantic? Or forgetting those important dates? The valentine’s week is the perfect cover for you, love is in the air and it serves as a good time for you to confess to your loved one about how important they are to you. With opportunities galore, kiss day, promise day and hug day before the big Valentines can prove to be your chances to woe her or him to your heart's content. Teddy day gifts online in India and Rose day bouquets online can come to your rescue if you live in separate cities, add a little spontaneity to your relationship this 2020 and think of something unique, something that she would not expect but will fill her heart with utmost joy. Investing time and love in any relationship can make the bond grow stronger.

Our Recommendations for the perfect surprise –
a. Midnight Cake delivery – Chennai online florist is one of the leading cake delivery services in Chennai, we house a wide variety of egg and eggless cakes in different flavours, designs, sizes and shapes. The midnight cake delivery service is one loved by all; a pleasant surprise that makes sure your partner’s day starts with nothing but Sweetness. Choose from variations of romantic heart-shaped cakes, classic chocolate cakes or personalized picture cakes and we will make it according to your partner’s liking.

b. Language of Love – Flowers for many is an authentic symbol of love, the vibrant colours, spellbinding aroma and variety would have her heart in minutes. If flowers are your language of love opt for flower arrangements to be delivered to your loved one this Valentine’s day 2020. Whether you pick a bunch of mixed roses, aromatic orchids, teddy-bouquet combo, a bouquet of chocolates or the classic 1000 roses for Valentine's day, your special someone will be blown away by the gesture of love.

c. Love is in the Air – Here is something Novel, gift her or him an experience, one they can share with you, the memories of which they would cherish forever. We recommend our bestseller – A musical delivery, love would be in the air, quite literally, with musical notes and surreal voices. With the musical delivery service, you can book a guitarist or violinist for a private concert for you and your special someone, this musical delivery in Chennai come with indulgent cakes and red roses to seal the deal.

An ideal and favourite among Chennai residents this valentine you can pop the question or simply bring a heart full of joy for your dearest. Cherish your near and dear ones on Valentine’s week 2020 and remind them that even though things may get tough sometimes your love can survive through it all, with the wide variety of best quality flowers in Chennai, cakes, chocolates, gifts and more she is sure to reminisce these memories ever so fondly.