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The fact behind celebrating the Valentine Day is quite dramatic. Its origin can be traced from IIIrd century Rome. Although, there are many stories behind the birth of Valentine’s Day, popular belief is that this day is celebrated in the name of St. Valentine, who was a Christian Martyr.

St. Valentine was a priest from Rome who lived during the tyrannical ruler named Emperor Claudius II. It has believed that Emperor Claudius banned the young men’s marriages because he thought that married men become weak during wartime. St. Valentine secretly began to arrange marriages to all lovers where he performed all rituals. When Claudius II came to know about the plight, he executed St. Valentine with two friends.

When St. Valentine was in jail, before the execution, he fell in love with the blind daughter of Jailer - who visited him during his confinement. And, before he was taken to death he wrote a letter to a girl and signed it as “from your Valentine” and till today the lovers address each other as Valentine. One day after his death on February 14, Julia the girl planted an almond tree near the St. Valentine grave and till today almond is a sign of love and friendship.

Since then the custom of sending anonymous love letter or cards to lovers have become the prominent way to celebrate Valentine Day. Every year, the city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s lovebirds Romeo and Juliet lived, received thousands of love letters. People across the world celebrate 14th February with exchanging gifts and flowers with their loved ones.

Celebrate Valentine Day (7-14th Feb)

The Valentine is celebrated for seven days and every day has its own meaning and significance.

Rose Day (7th Feb)
Rose Day is the first day of Valentine Week. In which, lovers offer beautiful bunches of roses to their partners.
Propose Day (8th Feb)
The second day of Valentine week is Propose Day. It is the day of the procession in which lovers propose to their partners in the most romantic way.
Chocolate Day (9th Feb)
Third Day of Valentine Week is Chocolate Day, where partners surprise their lovers with tempting chocolate boxes and also wish to fill up their relation like the sweetness of chocolates.
Teddy Day (10th Feb)
The fourth day of Valentine Week is Teddy day. Apparently, girls are fond of sweet teddy bears, so surprise them with cuddly sift cute “Valentine Teddy bear”.
Promise Day (11th Feb)
The fifth day of Valentine Week is Promise Day, in which lovers promise to love and trust each other faithfully.
Hug Day (12th Feb)
The Sixth Day is hug day, in which lovers embrace each other and show their affection, feelings by hugging each other passionately.
Kiss Day (13the Feb)
The Seventh Day is kiss day, the purest representation of love and kindness.
Valentine’s Day (14the Feb)
Finally, on fourteenth February lovers celebrate Valentine Day, exchange gifts and flowers. Also, promise to help and support each other in every aspect of life.
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