1 Spiral Bamboo Stick
This spiral bamboo stick is a perfect centrepiece for your table. Easy to grow, this plant is suppos..
3 Layer Bamboo For Best Sister
Products Details:Plant Name- Three Layer Lucky Bamboo PlantPlant Type- Lucky BambooPlant Place- Indo..
5 Layer Pyramid Bamboo
This Five Layer Lucky Pyramid Bamboo from Ferns N Petals. Either you gift it to someoneor keep it in..
A Token Of Love
Something very special for the mums who love gardening. Yes, it is a duo of beautiful Anthurium Plan..
Ajwain Plant
Cheer up the indoor space with shiny green leaves. Renowned for its remarkable medicinal properties ..
Aloe Vera and Sansevieria Plant
There is nothing more wonderful than the natural beauty of plants. Deliver endless smiles to your fa..
Anthurium Red Beauty
This pretty display of color and greenery of Anthurium red plant is sure to be admired. For creating..
Glorious Haworthia in a Ceramic Pot
Product Description:Highlights: Haworthia truncata Green Rose - Succulent Plant 2.8 inch CP00..