Flowers are the ambassador of spring, and traditionally they are used at Easter for many purposes like gifting, religious decorations and centrepieces. Whether you wish to present traditional flowers that symbolise the death and resurrection of Christ or merely want a warm feel for your holidays, understanding the meaning of the vast variety of flowers in relation to Easter is necessary. We present you with few flowers, to help you decide which one to give for Easter.

Lily flower


White lilies have been considered as traditional Easter flowers from ancient times, and are quite popular to give as gifts. The lily flower is a symbol of hope and love. For various religious groups, it signifies divinity and purity. Presenting someone with a white lily indicates that you are glad to know them. On the other hand, yellow lilies are a suggestion for living in the present. 


Daffodils usually bloom just when the spring starts and are considered as a sign of spring. When you present daffodils beware that they can have a romantic connotation, but more often they simply show that you have a great deal of respect for the recipient. In Germany, daffodils are known explicitly as Easter bells.

Daisy flower

Daisies just like daffodils are considered to be a very cheerful and uplifting flower and are a favourite at Easter. The white daisy is said to represent a calm and serene nature with purity. Daisies can even be added to the centrepieces and decorations as they have a delightful aroma. White is the primary colour of choice for Easter, but daisies are available in a wide variety of colours like yellow, pink, red and many more.


These flowers have an incredible aroma and delicate blooms which makes them the popular choice for Easter. These flowers are available in lots of different colours, and each has a different meaning. While not everyone knows the meaning of each colour but, yellow hyacinths should be avoided at any cost as they are considered to indicate jealousy.

There are many flowers that can be presented as gifts on Easter, like azalea, narcissus and pussy willow. These are just some to look at. You can go with single flowers, potted flowers or complete floral designs. There are many choices. Whether you choose a gift that has a religious meaning or just as a celebration of spring, Chennai Online Florist will help you deliver them to your loved one's doorsteps.

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