Flowers are great for decorating homes, presenting to loved ones, and enhancing the beauty quotient of the human body. Here is one more way where flowers can be useful. A great infusion of green or black tea leaves with dried up flowers can have a huge impact on both the mind and the body. The aroma of a nice tea is pretty subtle, which is why many people like to favourite their teas with flowers. It would make a wonderful afternoon tea, party tea or an iced tea for enjoying outdoors on a warm day.

The benefits of drinking a cup of floral tea:

Tons of Antioxidants:

Antioxidant properties are found in almost all types of teas which help in removing harmful toxins from the body. In floral tea, you get some more called flavonoids and catechins.

Keeps your Heart Healthy:

Floral tea also helps you with your cholesterol and in turn keeps your heart well. Drinking a cup of floral tea daily can reduce your chances of a heart attack.

Useful Anti-inflammatory Ingredients:

The anti-inflammatory quality of a floral tea helps in easing joint pains and is known to prevent or treat even arthritis.

Chennai Online Florist has shared a few of the most beneficial and most widely used floral teas all around the world. Have a look:

Chrysanthemum Tea:

Chrysanthemum is a very beautiful flower in bouquets, but it can also be used into tea. It has many helpful qualities like boosting your immune system, anti-ageing, helps prevent Osteoporosis, and improves vision.

Globe Amaranth Tea:

This flower only looks cute and sweet, but when it comes to its benefits it can be very useful for our bodies as it has anti-ageing properties. It is also great for your skin. It can also help in treating cough, vision, and liver dysfunction.

Rose Tea:

Rose is the most well-known flower in the world. The breathtaking fragrance and colour of this flower are infused with floral tea. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C which helps in tissue growth and strengthens the immune system.

Jasmine Tea:

Jasmine has such a sweet aroma that just by smelling it you can feel relaxed and it can derive you out of your depression. With jasmine prepared as a tea, it can help you to synchronise the stomach, sustain the liver, and improve visual acuteness. 

Lavender Tea:

These flowers have a wide range of usage from aromatherapy to essential oils for bathing, and it can also be used to prepare lavender tea.

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