One of the great parts of a reception- wedding cake is loved by everyone. So it is really important to have a delicious, impressive, and attractive cake. Getting your dream wedding cake is not that easy, having the perfect design, style, bakery, budget etc. is a really complex task. Chennai Online Florist guide explains you the step-by-step process of selecting the cake of your fantasy. 

Getting your dream wedding cake ready

  • Starting early: As getting perfect cake is not that easy. So you must start your planning early. The first and foremost step is to have a secure venue for the event and then searching for the baker.
  • Finding the baker: The taste and design of the cake depend upon the quality of the bakery. Make sure that your baker is well skilled in designing and styling the cake exquisitely.
  • Getting social: Look for online testimonials and reviews along with pictures of cake before a meeting with the baker. This will help in choosing the best and will also save time.
  • Aligning your style: It is an important step as in this you decide about the style and design of the cake you want. Try collecting images of cakes along with keeping in mind about the style.
  • Scheduling a meeting: one you have shortlisted 2 or 3 bakers. It’s now time to take a meeting with them in order to discuss the cake as well as delivery.
  • Bottom line basics: it is about creating a budget for cake. The baker will probably help by suggesting attractive cakes design under your budget.
  • Considering the cost: The cost of the cake is directly influenced by the design, styling, and the figure of servings. Consulting with your baker would serve in this regard.

  • Getting inspired: Getting your cake design inspired from all the other things of your wedding such as your dress, decoration and even other pictures of cakes that you like can help in getting an impressive cake.
  • Choosing perfect flavors: Consult your baker about if there is an extra charge for so-called premium fillings or flavours. And just go for the flavour that you like. 
  • Final consultation: Go for a final consultation with your baker about the taste and designing of the cake. Also, do not forget to bring the samples of images of your desired cakes in order to get your perfect dream wedding cake ready. 

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